Innovative Green Sheathing

Have you noticed new homes springing up around Cape Cod with green sheathing exteriors? Well, it isn’t just a pretty, green-colored panel, made to blend into the surrounding trees. These homes are being built with an OSB product called ZIP System®.

It is an innovative product created by Huber, the creators of AdvanTech. This new approach to sheathing homes is a greener alternative to the typical 1/2″ plywood or 7/16″ standard oriented strandboard (OSB).wall-sheathing

Plywood and OSB products have been side by side on the comparison charts for years. Although OSB is a cost effective alternative to plywood, Gable Building has preferred to use plywood sheathing. It has always been the traditional way to build and a lot of the “old timers” will use nothing else. Additionally, prolong exposure to weather resulted in OSB swelling and it also took longer to dry out than plywood.

Today OSB manufactures are aware of these issues and have improved their products. ZIP System® has created a moisture resistant board and taping system that negates the extra step of applying a weather resistance house wrap after the panels are hung. I can already see the smiles radiating from the jobsite carpenters across the Cape! This one-step process could eliminate possibly a days worth of frustrating work. Plus, most importantly, the panels are protected the minute they are installed.

With more and more buzz about green building, building efficiency and sustainable product selections, new products are popping up everywhere. We are doing our homework here at Gable Building in order to provide better service to our clients.

We have talked to our suppliers and field personnel and found many other wonderful benefits of this new innovative product. If interested in using this product in your new home, remodel or addition give Gable Building Corp. a call. ZIP System® website for additional information.