Building Beautiful Homes is Our Passion

Welcome to Gable Building Corp.


Situated in the picturesque fishing village of Chatham, Gable Building Corporation has been defining the change of homes on Cape Cod for over 40 years. We, as a building company, respect and understand the forces of an ever changing, delicate environment and the importance of preserving her beauty while providing a place you can call home. Whether we are restoring a cottage in the “old village” or creating a new summer beach home for your family to enjoy for many generations, we build unique homes that are founded on the owner’s individual personality and splashed with the Cape Cod spirit. All that is left to you is to fill them with you Cape Cod memories!


Hardings Beach House

This gambrel had restrictions on the maximum foot print but with all three levels finished has lots ofRead More

Harding Lane House

Classic style Gambrel as featured in “Cape Cod View Magazine” is set in an old Chatham neighborhood. ItsRead More