Why Choose Chatham For Your Next Home?

coastguard-lighthouseAbout Chatham
Zip Code – 02633
2009 Population: 6,502

Chatham was discovered in 1606 by the French explorer Samuel de Champlain, but was not settled until 1656. Originally named “Monomoit” after the Indians who were the first inhabitants, Chatham was incorporated into a town in 1712 and is the easternmost land in the United States. The location was great for the thriving fishing industry, but vulnerable during the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, as it was a convenient harbor for the enemy to occupy.

In the late 1880’s the railroad made the trip to Chatham desirable and the area developed in favor of tourism. Downtown Chatham is charming, with a myriad of shops, galleries, restaurants and inns. Chatham has quite an off-season character, as well. From “Christmas by the Sea”, to the very popular Chatham “First Night” and the “Spring Fling” held in May, there is something here for everyone!

Besides steeped in history, our quaint seaside village is home to many successful Entrepeneurs, Architects, Seaside Landscape Designers and Interior Designers. All of whom are right here, available to meet your needs as a new home buyer.

Whether Gable Building is building your dream home or renovating it, we have all the right connections to make your experience here in Chatham a special one.