Outside Showers – Creating a Spa-like element in your home

It is hot and you have had a long day. Whether you have been at the beach or in the garden, a five-mile jog or long day at work; sometimes the best place to rejuvenate is in the shower. Ah, the shower; it can make one feel rested, ready to go to your next task or maybe inclined to jump back into the pool.

Have you considered adding an outside shower to your outdoor living space? Creating an outside shower maybe the key to adding an essential element to your home or in your garden. Establishing an outdoor shower zone might be determined by whether you are just washing off the dust of the day or truly desiring the experience of being in outdoor spa. They can be as practical as necessity requires or as lavish and exotic to be aesthetically appealing. When envisioning your atmosphere for such an endeavor, perhaps several plan lay outs might be determined and then a strategy can be reached for completion.

First, you might consider where it would be in proximity to your home. Attaching to the house using the exterior sidewall as a mounting site can create an intimate space as a booth-style built enclosure or allotted area partitioned off from the rest of the house and yard. Perhaps an independently free-standing enclosure will be perfect next to a garden area. Here are some ideas from www.onekindesign.com that are worthy of incorporating into the yard-scape.

As seen in the photo on the right, a partition wall has been added to section off an area in a corner garden area of the house without a screen. Also, the shower hardware has been mounted directly on the side of the building wall for easy access to plumbing.


Looking to the left photo, an entire exterior wall of the house has been dedicated to an outside shower zone with rain shower head own permanent outer wall space including a niche. While looking at the photo below, a cozy partially walled off area attached to the main house is complete with a custom stone floor and seating area and a waterfall shower head. Simple, basic yet well designed.


Creating your own shower environment is a matter of taste and what you determine as requirements for outside bathing. While these photos shown above are borderline exotic showers, here on Cape Cod, its typical to have a red cedar or mahogany enclosure with large blue stone or formed concrete slabs or even a mahogany slatted floor for drainage. And yet again, it is a matter of preference. A consideration is material used to build the structure which includes the visual aspect of the final product as well as the endurance and permanence of the structure.

Gable Building has constructed several bathhouse styled enclosures along these lines that match the exterior decor in both the visual aspect of the structure as well as customer preference. Some have been designed to blend so well you almost do not recognize it as a separate function from the living space of the house.


As seen in these photos, the shower is built on the far left of the house (shown in left photo) and is almost invisible compared to the grand landscape of the backyard. However, it does serve its purpose well as it is accessible from just outside the master bedroom (shown on the lower right).






In the photo shown below, there is a whole corner of the house dedicated to the outside shower zone, clearly visible as such a space in the back portion of the house. This bathhouse enclosure is also close to an outside entrance of the house.

A similar design is shown below (right) with an additional Pergola enclosure on the top.  Since this is directly under two second floor windows, the pergola covered top allows for a more private experience in the bathhouse. 








Depending on how elaborate you want your design to be, an outside shower structure can be done as a DYI project. But it’s required to have a good basic knowledge of plumbing for the water system and then adding a structure around the shower fixtures, including walls, a platform for standing on, doors (if so desired) and adding accessories like a towel holder, shelving and other features. Anyone who isn’t as handy or would prefer not to get into the “nuts and bolts” of building, can hire a contractor who can set up the plumbing and building aspect of the design and before you know it you have your very own outdoor spa. Gable Building is there to lend a hand. Let us know if this is a project that you would love to have but prefer to have a professional complete the task. And then, all there is left for you, the home owner, to do is enjoy your new back yard outside shower.



Source: capecodshowerkits.com